About Burke Nursery & Garden Centre

Great gardens with beautiful colors have always been important to Burke Nursery & Garden Centre. Starting as a roadside stand selling annual flowers in the early 1970s, it didn’t take long to develop plans to expand the business. With dreams of offering more plant materials, such as perennials, trees, and shrubs, to the local community, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre opened its doors on Burke Rd in the fall of 1977 and the garden center has been growing since.

Continuing its expansion, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre opened a garden store to provide needed gardening tools and accessories as well as pond tools, koi and goldfish, and other accessories; a Greenhouse to provide house plants; and a hardscape area to provide fountains, bird baths, and garden statuary. Various mulches, organic compost, and soil amendments were added as well.

The services of a landscape architect were added and Burke Nursery & Garden Centre now provides comprehensive landscape and hardscape design and installation, including ponds, fountains, sod and other lawn services. By 2005, a new division was opened: Burke Lawn Care.

A family-run business with over 30 years of experience, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre understands the importance of servicing the community. Horticultural experts assist customers in choosing the best sun and shade plants, trees, and shrubs for their yards. Experts also assist customers in developing the best lawns possible as they answer questions about the use of grass seed, fertilizers, and pre- and post-emergent products to prevent weeds from growing.

In addition, Burke Nursery & Garden Centre provides a diagnostic clinic for its customers where individuals can bring in their plant or insect problems for analysis and advice on how to best solve the problems. As Burke Nursery & Garden Centre continues to serve the community, special free garden-related seminars are offered to help individuals create the best gardens, lawns, and curb appeal for their homes.

Burke Nursery & Garden Centre remains committed to providing top quality plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as providing expert advice and guidance in all areas of garden and lawn care.

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9401 Burke Rd, Burke, VA 22015