In-Store Specials

Burke Nursery & Garden Centre is happy to announce some unadvertised specials…

August 2022 Specials

  • $10 off Hanging Baskets (Does not apply to houseplants)
  • 50% off Bougainvillea*
  • 50% off Eugenia Topiary*
  • 50% off select tropical Hibiscus*
  • 50% off select Mandevilla and Dipladenia*
  • 50% off tropical Gardenia*
  • 50% off Clerodendrum*
  • 20% off Lemon Tree (Does not apply to Lemon shrub type)*
  • 50% off Submersible Pumps by Teton.
  • 50% off Garden and Pond Spotlights by Aquascape.
  • 50% off Pond Aerator by Aquascape.
  • 25% off Eight Insect Garden Dust (with active ingredient Permethrin). Can be used on vegetables, roses and flowers.
  • 25% off Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns, Concentrate.
  • 25% off Ortho Weed B Gon Concentrate Pluto Crabgrass Concentrate.

*Red or orange sticker indicates sale price.

No coupon is necessary for these in-store specials. Any other coupons or special offers cannot be used for in-store specials.

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