Throwing Shade VA

About the Program…The Virginia Department of Forestry is partnering with Burke Nursery & Garden Centre (as well as two others nurseries) in this pilot program: Offering a $25.00 discount to select native trees and shrubs.

The Purpose…To help plant more trees and expand biodiversity throughout the state.

How the program works

  • Select a native tree or shrub with a “Throwing Shade VA” tag
  • Scan the QR code on the tag and record where the tree will be planted
  • Show our cashier that the information on the QR code was collect and receive a $25 discount on your purchase.

This QR code helps tracking the number of trees or shrubs planted and the location where they are planted. It helps track water quality improvement goals and allocate funding for additional planting projects across Virginia. All information is confidential. Addresses will not be displayed or given to outside parties without consent. (If so whatever reason you can’t scan the QR code, paper forms are available.)