Container Gardening: Creating Whimsy

By Misty Kuceris, Horticulturalist ©2019 I often hear this question from customers and clients: What’s all this excitement that I hear about container gardening and why is that important? Container gardening isn’t just the next new craze in gardening. It’s a wonderful way to increase your gardening space and add whimsy to your yard. Whether […]

Building a Raised Bed

Building a Raised Bed By Misty Kuceris, Horticulturalist, Copyright 2018 Raised beds are gardens which are higher than the surrounding soil and usually limited to a size where you can work the bed without having to step in it. There are several advantages to a raised bed: You can improve soil conditions without having to […]

Herbs and Companion Planting

Compiled by Misty Kuceris, Horticulturalist, Copyright 2018 Herbs, while wonderful for culinary purposes, are great companion plants in your vegetable garden. They attract beneficial insects which protect your plants from harmful insects. They increase pollination rates which can increase the growth and production of your vegetables. They can also repel harmful insects and predators. Basil. […]